Junior Sailing

NFYC’s Junior Sailing program is a fun and exciting way to introduce and teach the children of club members and community members the basics of sailing and advance toward becoming racing members of the yacht club.  The Junior Program this year will offer a variety of basic beginner, intermediate, advance sailing classes. New to our program will be the introduction of our Junior Race Team.  Students in the Junior Sailing Program must be at least 8 years old on the first day of class.

Our beginner sailing program will focus on the teachings of basic sailing skills and principles. The curriculum involves learning basic nautical terms, boat parts, the rigging/derigging and sailing of an 8 foot Optimist sailboat or a larger boat for the teenagers, basic knot tying, boat handling, boat safety, docking, points of sails, finding wind direction, practicing tacking/gybing, upward/downward sailing and basic capsizing/turtling recovery.

Our Intermediate Sailing program is for students who have either successfully completed the beginner program with NFYC or has demonstrated success in basic beginner knowledge required above and is ready to advance to the Intermediate program. This curriculum builds on the sailing fundamentals learned in the beginner program. Focusing on sailing theory, sail trim, right of ways rules, sailing in varied conditions and understanding all points of sail and using different capsize recovery methods. Briefly touching into race tactics. This program allows students to gain experience in single-handed and double-handed boats.

Our Advanced sailing program is for sailors who have participated and successfully completed our beginner and intermediate program. Students advancing into this program should be able to identify starboard, port, windward, leeward; skipper a boat on all points of sail and in breezes up to 15 knots; tack and gybe correctly, passing the tiller extension behind their back while sailing single-handed.  The curriculum for this program involves basic race rules, race tactics, race rigging, spinnakers, drills for boat handling and mark rounding, roll tacks and gybes, race signals(flags & horns). Students will learn how to recognize and use weather and wind conditions to learn how to make the boats sail faster.

Our Race Team Sailing Program provides youths 8-18 years old the opportunity to reach competitive success at all levels while developing athletic skills, leadership, sportsmanship and a lifelong love for sailing. All practices will develop the necessary skills and knowledge to enjoy racing in local and out of state regattas. Program fees do not include regatta fees or associated costs. If interested please contact April Russell.

For more information download the information and application below or Email April Russell.


2018 Junior Sailing Instructor is Storm Brown.

2018 Junior Program begins Monday, June 18 (8:30 am for intermediate and 12:30pm for beginners) and Tuesday, June 20 (8:30 am for advanced).

2018 Junior Regatta is Saturday, July 28, 9 am.  The regatta will include races and games with a picnic afterward for parents and sailors.

2018 Junior Sailing Program Sheet

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