North Flathead Yacht Club Rules

  1. Mooring requirements: At least ½” NYLON mooring line should be used with rubber snubbers or springs.
  2. Mast up parking:a. trailered boats should park in the areas designated for this purpose only

    b. boats should be tied to their trailers so the wind will not blow them over

  3. “PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT”.Everyone is responsible for their own garbage removal. Do not “overload” the garbage area. A receptacle for used oil is available in the garbage area.
  4. Pets must be supervised and on leashes while on club property. Owners are to pick up after their pets. Special concerns are:
    • During busy times such as regattas, dogs are discouraged
    • Barking and aggressive dogs are not welcome
    • Dogs may not be left unattended for extended periods

    Dogs may be temporarily off leash for swimming if under voice control. Members are responsible for their own pets and those of their guests. Infractions will result in a $25 fine. Third offense will result in banishment of said pet. Complaints may be submitted to committee members using “pet complaint form”.

  5. All parking is 90 degrees in the parking area. Please keep special parking areas open for those designated people (officers and handicapped). Mast-up parking is only for those who have paid the mast-up/slip fee for that boat.
  6. The LOADING AND UNLOADING area in front of the docks is for that purpose only. Please move away immediately upon launching or loading boats. DO NOT BLOCK THIS AREA AT ANY TIME.
  7. Children under the age of 15 must be under adult supervision at all times while on club property. Special concerns are:
    1. fill rocks and bricks shall not be thrown into the water
    2. the swimming area is the boat launching area. Children need to keep clear when boats are being launched.
    3. the swimming areas are NOT supervised. YOU are responsible for supervision.
    4. when boats are out racing, CHILDREN ASHORE NEED TO BE SUPERVISED. Arrange for an adult to remain ashore.
    5. parents need to supervise children in the upstairs clubhouse area
  8. No camping is allowed on NFYC property, except for special occasions.  Camping includes sleeping on the grounds overnight (with or without a tent) and/or in vehicles, camping trailers, and motor homes in the parking lot.
  9. Carpeting MAY NOT be attached to any dock as it rapidly speeds deterioration of the wood. Absolutely no holes are to be drilled into any part of the dock.
  10. HELP KEEP THE AREA SECURE. Lock the gate when you leave.
  11. All members shall carry an insurance package of liability/umbrella protection of at least $100,000 to be a member of NFYC. Proof of insurance must be turned in to the treasurer when yearly dues are paid in order to keep a boat at NFYC.
  12. “For Sale” signs on boats will be allowed – no larger than 81/2” x 11” and a limit of two per boat. No member may have more than one boat for sale on club property.
  13. None but members and their families, and guests or visitors accompanied by members shall be admitted to the Clubhouse or grounds of the Club.(see NFYC By-Laws, article IX, section 1)
  14. Power Boats (non-sail boats) and personal watercraft are not allowed to be stored at NFYC nor launched and/or retrieved at NFYC boat launches. Violation of said rule will result in a $100 fine. (see NFYC Policies and Procedures Manual)

(revised April 2010)