Statement of Purpose

The North Flathead Yacht Club was formed by a group of racing sailors to provide a convenient place from which to conduct races.

Its long range purpose is to provide an organization and physical plant to enhance the enjoyment by its members of the sport of sailing. It should maintain a strong racing program, and provide cruising events, social events and safety programs for its members.

Care should be taken to maintain the spirit of fellowship created by the original members. Each member family should contribute a fair share of time and effort to maintain the Club and its activities.

The goals of the club are:

  1. Conduct an active racing program open to all racing sailors with continual efforts to assist the racers in developing their skills.
  2. Provide cruising and social events to its members consistent with their interests and available resources.
  3. Maintain an active membership within the limits of the physical plant’s comfortable capacity.
  4. Improve the physical plant by:
  • Building and Maintaining the dock system.
  • Improving and Maintaining the existing Grounds.
  • Improving the clubhouse to the extent feasible with consideration to security and maintenance problems.
  • Acquiring Additional lands for future development

If you have questions or comments about the purpose of NFYC please contact us at .