Trestle-to-Trestle Race

2012 Trestle-to Trestle Results

2013 Trestle to Trestle Results

2014 Trestle to Trestle Results

2015 Trestle to Trestle Results – one boat finished “Kona Kai” (corsair owned by Shelby & Lori Switzer)

2016 – no finishers

2017 – no finishers

2018 – Trestle to Trestle Results:

A/B fleet – 1st place – Pete Sauer

C/D fleet – 1st place – Mike Frey, 2nd place – Brad Lane

2020 Trestle to Trestle Results:

1-Brad Mercord (SFYC)

2-Jeff Fisher (NFYC)

3-Pete Sauer (NFYC)

4-Bill Reed (NFYC)

5-Marshall Noice (NFYC)

6-Bill Brown (SFYC

7-Steve Rosso (NFYC)

8-Charlie Becker (SFYC)

9-Steve Wiesenberg (SFYC)


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